Flush Less. Save more.

Purleve Enviroseal Flex Water Saving System

Mr. Clean-Up is pleased to offer our clients the Pūrleve EnviroSeal FLEX water saving urinal system. This system prevents extensive flushing throughout the day leading to thousands of saved gallons of water per year.

The system can be fitted and used on any type of water or waterless urinal. A simple key and lock system applied to the flushing lever or auto flush valve provides facility workers with the ability to flush during cleaning.

This inexpensive strategy will help you save water and money when the replacement of a conventional water urinal with a waterless unit is not an option.

The Pūrleve EnviroSeal FLEX urinal screen will provide up to 60 days of pleasant fragrance and drain protection while also reducing odor-causing bacteria.
Purleve Enviroseal Flex Urinal Screen

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